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Primarily creates ideas for activities from forging competitions to large scale racing tournaments. We also make sure the Supreme Commanders are doing their job as division leaders.

Supreme Commander

The Supreme Commanders are the leaders of a specific division which manage up to four Generals. In addition, Supreme Commanders are in charge of hosting division tournaments as well as branch meetings to keep everyone on track.


Generals are the core of each main branch, creating and assigning squads with a maximum of 20 people per squad. Generals also are in charge of creating branch tournaments to send their best to the division tournaments, where prizes will be hosted. Branches are limited to a max of 5 squads (100 people). On top of all of this, Generals will be in charge of hosting custom games for their branch, always varying from fun original zombie matches to more skill based slayer variants on user forged maps.

Officer Ranks
*Officers may be chosen if needed

After three ranks of hard strenuous work, you are now considered a captain, leading others into victory. You can now create your own custom squad, choosing and inviting clan members to your specific alliance.
- Must have a talk with the branch leader saying why you deserve this rank compared to the rest of the other Lieutenants.

First Lieutenant
The last rank before being able to create your own squad. You are the first choice in becoming a squad leader out of the other ranks.
- Must place 3rd in a branch tournament
*or until you are recognized as a good leader and will be promoted through dedication and time (2 months minimum)

Second Lieutenant

Skills and persistence will only lead you further in life. As a Second Lieutenant, you have the same privileges as before, except you are in command of any other rank lower than yourself.
- Must win at least 2 squad tournaments
- Must have qualified for a branch tournament
*or until you are recognized as a good leader and will be promoted through dedication and time (2 months minimum)

Third Lieutenant

You are now considered a leader and have shown dedication and commitment to the community. Bragging rights fully deserved. You are able to become a squad leader!
- Must have participated in at least 10 clan meetings (10 weeks worth)
- Must compete in a division tournament.
- Treat people how you would want to be treated.

Enlisted Ranks

Sergeant Major

The leader of the enlisted ranks, taking full responsibility and commanding the lower rankings in the squad.
- Must recruit a total of 40 people (an additional 20)
- Must rank at least 3rd place in a squad tournament
- Must compete in a branch tournament


Co-leader of the sergeant major, having the same responsibilities yet is willing to take orders from any higher ranks.
- Must recruit an additional 4 members
- Must host a full clan hosted custom game
- Must compete in at least one squad tournament


Are responsible in helping higher ranks as well as recruiting and participating in squad events.
- Must recruit an additional 12 members
- Must participate in a full clan hosted custom game
- Must participate in 4 clan meetings and have been active for the past 3 weeks

Private First Class

Are responsible for recruiting and participating in squad events as well as creating custom games for everyone to join.
- Must recruit 4 members on their own AFTER the first clan meeting
- Must participate in atleast 2 meetings
- Must be active in community


The first rank of our clan. Your purpose is to have fun and invite others if you can, the more people, the better the experience.
- Must register on website so we can keep track of people you've recruited, ranking, squad, ect.
- Must change bio saying who you were recruited by and that you are a part of the SOS community

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